We provide broadcast services and solutions to many world renowned international broadcasters. 


Our studio is ideally suited for live news interviews, magazine programmes, talk shows and commercials.

Scheduling & EPG

Transmit Solutions has the experience to schedule your channel according to your instructions, your requirements and your needs.


We  can provide broadcast and platform-carriage consultancy. If you are planning to launch your own tv channel, then don’t hesitate to contact us.


Transmit Solutions Limited was established in 2002 to provide transmission and production services to Setanta Sports and third party broadcasters. The Company, which is the only independent provider of transmission services in Ireland, has built a state of the art HD playout facility in Dublin.

Transmit Solutions currently provides SD and HD playout services for multiple Setanta Sports premium subscription channels onto various DTH platforms in diverse geographic territories including Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Africa.

Transmit Solutions also provides playout services to third party channels – Premier Sports into the UK, Premium Sports into the USA & Canada, SportsNet World into Canada and ZUKU Sports HD into East Africa.

Transmit Solutions has previously provided playout services to three ESPN channels (ESPN America UK, ESPN America Europe & ESPN America Middle East) and also the Willow TV Cricket channel.


Sufficient tape storage for thousands of video tapes is provided for on space-saving concertina track mounted rack shelving. In addition, further tape storage is available in the transmission suites for daily tapes and emergency standby programming.

Building Security

Broadcasting House is a fully secure facility. There are 24/7 security personnel on-site 365 days a year. All access to the building is limited to those with prior security clearance. Staff are required to carry pre-issued Security Access ID Cards at all times.

In addition to all building entrances, admission to each floor is governed by an access control system. Access to mission critical areas such as CAR, is limited to a small group of qualified and trusted personnel.

Security surveillance CCTV cameras are fitted to all entrances to the building and any movement is detected by these cameras and recorded to a hard-disk system.All recordings are kept for 30 days.

The output of all CCTV cameras are monitored by the 24/7 security personnel in reception.

Back-up Power

Broadcasting House is electrically fed by two diverse power supplies. All the mission critical transmission and play-out equipment is backed-up by three Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and a Caterpillar Olympian 275kVA Standby Diesel Generator. In the event of a loss or interruption to the incoming electricity supplies, all critical equipment will remain powered by the UPS and Generator. The generator can run continually for 40 hours before requiring a diesel re-fill.

fire suppression

The Central Apparatus Room (CAR), which houses all the mission critical transmission and play-out equipment, is fully protected by a Marioff Hi-Fog Fire suppression system. This system is fully tested and approved for use in server rooms and data centres around the world.

Where to find us?

Mark Pilkington
Transmit Solutions
Broadcasting House
3a Prince’s Street South
Dublin 2

+353 1 474 8077 (office)
+353 87 7900 442 (mobile)