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Transmit Solutions applies television scheduling strategies to give programmes the best chance of attracting and retaining audiences.

We can supply advertising traffic co-ordination by creating break patterns and ensuring every second of airtime is covered.  We can maximise the value of your air-time and ensure you are generating the revenue you deserve.

We can download as-run logs to all the major television rating agencies such as Nielsen and BARB, who can analyze when your channel is being watched and by whom and when.

Transmit Solutions has developed unique broadcast management software to enable us to publish EPG listings onto multiple worldwide tv platforms.

We can schedule:

  • EPG templates for Premium Subscription channels.
  • EPG templates for different geographic locations (e.g. UK only, ROI only, ROI+NI only etc).
  • EPG block and staggered Freeview periods (for full programmes or portions of programmes).
  • EPG Series links for Personal Video Recorders (PVR’s).
  • EPG Programme Titles.
  • EPG Series Titles.
  • EPG Genres and Sub-genres.
  • EPG Synopsis.

In the UK we have worked closely with BSkyB and undergone rigorous testing to allow us to deliver files and data directly into Sky’s EPG system.

In addition, we can output EPG files in XML format for delivery to Virgin Media’s and UPC Ireland’s EPG systems.

As well as producing EPG listings, Transmit Solutions provides a programme listings service for newspapers, magazines and websites. 

We can produce daily and weekly listing reports in .txt, .xls or .XML format. 

We can also ftp upload listings files to various portals for instant publishing. 

Our broadcast management system outputs weekly and monthly programme plans delivered in a grid format.  Each programme block is ‘coloured’ to identify whether it is a Live, First Airing, Freeview, Repeat etc.

Within the detailed programme grid, we can include the following information pertaining to each programme:

  • Start time.
  • Duration (estimated for live events).
  • Source (Satellite, Fibre, Tape, File etc).
  • EPG template (Freeview, Subscription, Geo-block etc).
  • Series Title.
  • Programme Title.
  • Episode number.
  • Live, First Airing, Freeview, Repeat etc.

Our experienced planning team have a strong knowledge of sport. They ensure that they optimise the scheduling of programmes to attract and retain audiences. 

Our planning team work closely with our Scheduling, Transmission and Satellite departments.

They also liaise with third party suppliers of programming to ensure that programme files are received in a timely manner.

Transmit Solutions has the experience to schedule your channel according to your instructions, your requirements and your needs.

Once the programming grid has been created, we can schedule your channel specific interstitials (idents, bumpers, stings etc), your on-screen promos/trailers and commercials.

We can schedule specific bugs, on-screen graphics, lower thirds, DVE’s, coming next/later straps etc.

Our channel management system can download files to multiple different automation systems. If your automation system is not already covered, we can build the necessary conversion tool to allow the schedule to be outputted in the format that you require.

Our scheduling team can liaise with Production Houses, Commercial Delivery Suppliers, Promotions Producers and Traffic Managers to ensure that your schedule is accurate, exact and delivered to tight deadlines.

We can accept as-run history files from most major automation systems. These as-run files can be imported into the channel management system and reconciled with the original schedule to ensure that an exact log of what actually went to air and at what time is saved.

Where to find us?

Mark Pilkington
Transmit Solutions
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+353 1 474 8077 (office)
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