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Affordable, Flexible and Scalable Playout!

We provide broadcast services and solutions to many world-renowned international broadcasters. We playout multiple live 24/7 premium sports television channels from our hub in Dublin, Ireland and distribute these channels on multiple platforms in five continents (Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa).

We specialise in launching premium subscription television channels, with particular emphasis on live sports content. However, we are also fully equipped and adept at playout of movie, music, documentary, religious and general entertainment television channels.

There are currently 6 fully functional HD transmission suites, with two high-end playout channels in each suite. These are designed primarily for the demands of live sports channels. A 7th transmission suite is currently unused and available as additional capacity for third-party clients.

All the Transmission Suites are fully staffed with dedicated trained professional Transmission Controllers, on a 24/7/365 basis, thereby achieving high standards of smooth uninterrupted on-air presentation and transmission.

Programme playout can be off-tape (Digital Beta or Beta SP) or off-server. Interstitial material (commercials, idents, bumpers, trailers etc) are ingested onto a Broadcast Video Server, either from tape or by electronic delivery.

An automation system controls the Playlist and critical playout devices (Pres Mixers, Character Generators, Video Servers, Logo Inserters etc).

Menu’s, crawls, slides, pop-ups and lower thirds etc are created and aired from a Character Generator. Channel branding is achieved using a logo inserter, which is controlled manually or in automation. As-broadcast, windows media files are recorded with time/date stamp on dedicated compliance recording systems.

All technical infrastructure is fully digital with high standard signal paths and monitoring in accordance with the best industry practice.

Feed Management, Aggregation and Fast Delivery!

Our Master Control Room is manned 24 hours a day every day by a rotating shift of MCR Supervisors.

All incoming satellite/fibre feeds and the transmission output of each in-house television channel, are monitored on multi-viewer LCD displays. Alarms are set-up to alert the supervisor to any black, silence or picture disturbances.

All the satellite/fibre decoders are tuned via remote management and control software. The MCR Supervisor tunes decoders according to specific satellite parameter instructions.

Fibre Network monitoring systems have been set-up to immediately alert the Supervisor to any issues on our main or redundant fibre circuits. 

All incoming live and as-live feeds are listed in the ScheduAll booking system which is monitored by the Supervisor to ensure that they are recorded and ingested.

MCR liaise with third-party international broadcasters, uplink partners, OB companies and content providers to ensure that feeds are received and delivered on-time. They perform quality control checks and immediately respond to any faults or signal degradation on incoming feeds.

Tape and satellite/fibre line ingest is achieved through the use of IBIS Serverload applications, allowing the simultaneous recording of up to 30 incoming feeds/tapes.

We can handle multiple tape formats including HD, DVCAM, MiniDV, DigiBeta, BetaSP and DVD. In addition, we can standards-convert your material from PAL to NTSC and frame convert HD from 60 kHz (US) to 50 kHz (Europe) .

Electronic media files can be sent to us on portable drives or delivered directly onto our FTP server.

All incoming files are virus checked, trans-coded and quality controlled before being transferred to the video server storage for playout.

The majority of our commercial copy is delivered to us electronically. We accept commercial copy from both IMD and AdStream.

A high bandwidth fibre circuit has been installed which is connected directly into the internet backbone. This ensures that media content is received quickly and efficiently.

We also offer a tape dubbing service:

we can record your media content to any tape format of your choice.
we can create multiple tape copies of your media content.
Talk to us about our competitive rates.

Transmit Solutions can supply fully equipped ENG/EFP crews anywhere in Ireland. Services include: Camera Crews, Sound Recordists, Final Cut Pro Editing, Studio and International Playout.

If you want to cover a news or sports event in Ireland, then we can provide you with a one-stop solution.

We have many years experience in providing domestic Irish camera crews to international news broadcasters.

We have a dish farm located on the roof of the facility. This consists of 11 fixed satellite receive antennae, ranging in size from 2m to 4.2m. In addition, we have a 4.2m motorized satellite dish which is set-up to track satellites in inclined orbit. Using this dish farm, we can downlink feeds from all the key European contribution satellites in a 72degree arc from 36 degrees East to 38 degrees West. Here are some of the satellites that we can downlink directly from:

  • Eutelsat 36
  • Eutelsat 28
  • Eutelsat Hotbird
  • Eutelsat 10A
  • Eutelsat 9A
  • Eutelsat 7A
  • IS10:02
  • Eutelsat 8 West
  • Eutelsat 12 West
  • IS905
  • NSS7
  • T11N

We have a third party contractural relationship with GlobeCast Europe for uplinking permanent and ad-hoc feeds from the UK and Luxembourg. In addition, we use a fibre network to deliver feeds to far-flung international locations, where they are uplinked by local partners and platform operators.

Here are some of the international sateliites that our services are currently uplinked to:

  • Optus C1 (Australia)
  • Optus D2 (Australia)
  • Optus D3 (Australia)
  • MEASAT (Asia)
  • Eutelsat 36W (EurAsia)
  • Eutelsat 28A (UK & Ireland)
  • Intelsat 10 (Africa)
  • Sirius 4 (Africa)
  • Eutelsat 16 (Africa)

Broadcasting House is POP’d by multiple blue-chip telecommunications fibre providers (BT, UPC, COLT, LEVEL 3 and MCI). We currently use UPC and COLT as our primary carriers.

These two fibre providers enter the building via fully diverse, SDH ring circuits. They provide bi-directional connectivity to GlobeCast, Grays Inn Road, London.

We can arrange onward ad-hoc or permanent connectivity to BT Tower and other Tele-hubs.

At present, Globecast on-passes some channel feeds to Bexdorf in Luxembourg, for uplinking onto EutelSat 28A (Eurobird1) for the BSkyB platform.

Other feeds are on-passed to Germany, Canada, Australia, Africa and Asia using various international fibre circuits.

In addition, Transmit Solutions has contracted Level 3 Vyvx to provide us with Ad-hoc and Permanent ‘Video over IP’ connectivity, into diverse geographical locations.

This Vyvx service allows us to take-in feeds that are not available on European contribution satellites and to push-out live feeds globally.

We can get your content from Dublin to anywhere in the world, using our fibre network, third-party fibre providers and satellite uplink partners.

Here is a list of our incoming and outgoing Fibre circuits:

Contribution Fibre – Incoming Circuits to Dublin:

  • OU1                Globecast GIR (with Connectivity to BT Tower) to Dublin
  • LON1              Globecast GIR (with Connectivity to BT Tower) to Dublin
  • OU3                Input Media to Dublin
  • OU4                Glasgow/ London/ Dublin
  • GN1                Inbound MPLS fibre usually for feeds from Australia
  • GN2                Inbound MPLS fibre usually for feeds from Australia
  • GN3                Inbound MPLS fibre usually for feeds from Rogers Sports Network Toronto

Contribution Fibre – Outgoing Circuits from Dublin:

  • DUB OU1       To Globecast GIR London and onward to BT Tower
  • DUB OU2       To Globecast GIR London and onward to BT Tower
  • DUB OU3       To Globecast GIR London and onward to BT Tower
  • GN1 TX          Outbound NTSC fibre for feeds to North American platforms (e.g. DirecTV)
  • GN2 TX          Outbound PAL fibre to anywhere in UK, Europe and the world

Online Access Anytime, Anywhere!

We can encode to Windows Media or Flash, in three separate data rates and stream live (and as VOD) over the web, as a broadband i-player service. The streamed feeds are protected by Conditional Access and are only available as subscription services. We have also encoded (h.264) our linear services for use in iPhone app, iPad app and other handheld devices.

In addition, we have launched a Smartphone App which allows subscribers to watch every goal from every game of the Barclays Premier League, within seconds of them being scored, in high quality video. This App is currently in the Irish top 10 of free apps in the App Store on iTunes.

We have extensive in-house knowledge and engineering ability to enable us to provide these as services to third party broadcasters. We can downlink your channel, encode it and deliver it to your Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Where to find us?

Mark Pilkington
Transmit Solutions
Broadcasting House
3a Prince’s Street South
Dublin 2

+353 1 474 8077 (office)
+353 87 7900 442 (mobile)